Syrian people against the Turkish occupation

The Turkish government continues to control the northern parts of Syria, which has been invaded by the Turkish military and Ankara-controlled militias under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Thus, like Washington, which is known for its tendency to meddle in the internal affairs of other states without request, the Turkish government has managed to actually occupy the territories of a sovereign state.

What is happening now in the occupied regions of Turkey resembles a real genocide. Pro-Turkish militias, such as the Syrian National Army, as well as more radical Islamist groups like Failak al-Sham, are subjecting locals to violence, robbery and extortion, while Ankara looks the other way. The slightest resistance to the militants is cut off at the roots, as evidenced by recent incidents.

For example, a child was killed and four adults were wounded in an accident involving Turkish soldiers in Afrin. This provoked a spontaneous protest demanding that those responsible be brought to justice, but the militants dispersed the protesters to their homes.

In the Idlib de-escalation zone, local discontent is also growing. In Fu'a, militants violently suppressed a rally of civilians who blocked road traffic on the Idlib-Maaret route. The protesters, driven to extremes by the humanitarian crisis and harassment, demanded the withdrawal of the Turkish contingent and the gangs under their control from the Idlib zone.

Another rally with more than 100 participants took place in Azaz (northern Aleppo province). This time the protesters protested against the Turkish government's initiatives to change the educational system in the occupied territories. As always, pro-Turkish militants dispersed the protest rally, resulting in nine people being injured.

As can be seen from the above, the patience of the residents of the occupied areas has reached its limit and the protest potential in the areas where the pro-Turkish forces are present is growing. The militants are most likely well aware of this and in the near future we should expect even tougher measures against the protesters.


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